Providing next-generation battery systems for aerospace

Aerospace Electrification, more than ever, requires a systems led approach to optimise design and integration of light weight, power-dense battery solutions, that both comply with safety certification requirements, and are designed around the needs of commercial aviation.


The Challenge

Electrified flight is a demanding environment for batteries, but we are here to help address the challenges facing the industry. Whether fixed-wing general aviation, eVTOL, helicopters or multicopters, the core battery challenges facing the industry remain the same:

1) Battery power and energy density must be high, but battery weight must remain low:  We minimise additional mass of the system whilst ensuring the highest of safety and reliability standards.
2) Batteries must be robust and highly fault-tolerant:  We develop modular systems able to withstand the significant forces and extreme conditions of aerospace environments.
3) Battery solutions need to be designed from first principles to scale to volume: We are investing in prototypes that can be scaled to mass manufacture.
4) The lifecycle of a battery cell used in aviation is shorter that of automotive: We offer cost effective solutions to manage the complete battery lifecycle, from aerospace usage to cell reuse in other industries.


Electroflight design and certify batteries with incremental cell performance improvements in mind to enable customers to exploit latest developments in cell technology at minimal cost.

“We know battery systems are going to strongly influence market adoption of electrification in the aerospace sector. Electroflight gives us the ability to address some fundamental industry challenges.”

Chris Harris, CEO of Electroflight and CEO & Cofounder of Evolito

Our Mission

Cell technology is only one part of the wider electric aviation challenge. That’s why we are building next-generation battery systems and an end-to-end battery ecosystem to allow commercial electric flight to truly take off.

We provide airframers and aviation companies with modular battery systems using leading-edge cell technology, battery management systems through to battery maintenance, repair & operation, and repurposing & recycling.

To address these requirements, Electroflight takes a systems-level approach to designing and providing battery solutions for electric & hybrid aviation clients.

Hybrid / Battery only electric solutions designed for multiple sectors:

Urban Air Mobility & UAV
Fixed Wing
Helicopter & Multicopter