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Electroflight was founded by Roger Targett in 2011. Since then, our company, filled with industry thought-leading engineers, designers and data specialists, has gone from strength to strength.

We spent between 2011 and 2015 developing the P1e Racer concept and in 2015 we gained our first permanent facility. We began developing powertrain design capabilities in 2016 and the year after saw us seek funding/investment for a new and exciting high performance program.

The years following involved moving into a new facility which is 8000sqft and based at Gloucester Airport. We then secured funding for a high-performance battery electric aircraft program with a major British aerospace company. Project ACCEL.

Narrowing our focus on the design and manufacturing of bespoke energy storage systems, we’re now excited to be leading the market in the electrification of the aviation industry. It is our priority to always provide clients with safe, highly reliable and cost-effective technologies; this is a huge part of our ethos.


Our vision is to be a driving force in the aerospace electrification shift and establish Electroflight as an industry leading supplier of Energy Storage Systems and surrounding technologies.

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Leading in technology and certification capability, our mission is to build on the foundation of ACCEL and deliver energy storage technologies to early days electrified aircraft platforms.

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We’ll remain technology-focused and our knowledge and understanding of the technology and certification challenges will remain a key part of what we do. We’ll use this understanding to inform and guide the creation of a technology knowhow and IP portfolio which will create tangible advantages in safety performance and certification.

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