Our Mission

Further developments in cell technology is only one part of the wider electric aviation challenge. That’s why we are building next-generation battery systems and an end-to-end battery ecosystems to allow commercial electric flight to truly take off.

We provide airframers and aviation companies with modular and integrated battery systems using leading-edge cell technology, battery management systems through to battery maintenance, repair & operations and repurposing and recycling.

To address these requirements, Electroflight takes a systems-level approach to designing and providing battery solutions for electric aviation.

Our Story

Founded in 2011 to address battery-electric issues in the aerospace market, we are a UK-based innovation engineering company, taking expertise from across the automotive and aerospace sectors, working with leading airframers to develop and supply next-generation battery technology.

In 2019, Electroflight, Rolls-Royce and YASA partnered to design and build the worlds fastest all-electric vehicle – The Spirit of Innovation. 3 years of dedication from the team involved integrating the full powertrain into a NXT aircraft, optimising the system to peak performance and following rigorous testing processes in an emerging market with new regulations; in 2021 the record breaking flight reached a staggering 345.5 mph!

Following the successful spinout of Evolito (YASA’s Aerospace Division) in 2021, Evolito acquired Electroflight in July 2022 to offer a fully optimised powertrain solution for the electric aerospace industry.


“We are very excited to complete the acquisition of Electroflight today. The combined capabilities will enable us to deliver flexible solutions for our customers, from best-in-class motor and controller subsystems to fully-integrated electric powertrains”

Ajay Lukha, Evolito Chief Commercial Officer

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