Our goal is to accelerate the commercialisation of electric flight

The growth of electric flight is dependent on the technology roadmap and the cost of cells to enable widespread market adoption.  At Electroflight, our capabilities span every aspect of electric aviation’s battery requirements considering power & energy density, thermal management, airworthiness, certification and second lifing.

We deliver lightweight, certified powertrain solutions that meet a broad range of mission profile requirements; our system level optimisation allows flexibility across electric and hybrid eVTOL, fixed wing and helicopter applications.

Our battery systems can be coupled with the ultra-light-weight, high torque density electric motors and motor control units from our parent company Evolito Ltd, to provide fully optimised powertrain solutions enabling new vehicle architectures for the future.


“Until today, energy storage solutions available to airframers and electric aviation companies have been in the main single point solutions, largely designed for non-aviation applications. Which is why, despite strong consumer demand, global emissions goals and powerful new electric motor technology, commercial electric aviation has yet to emerge.

To scale electric flight to volume, the industry requires an end-to-end approach to battery solutions. That’s what Electroflight is here to deliver.”

Chris Harris, CEO of Electroflight and CEO & Cofounder of Evolito


The nature of commercial flight – with multiple flights per day – means conventional charging infrastructures used for electric vehicles cannot be applied. Commercial electric flight will require radically new charging infrastructure enabled by new battery system design.

Our custom & integrated approach to battery design enables the new charging infrastructure that commercial electric flight requires.

Core Competancies

We are a centre of Technology & Manufacturing Excellence, providing:

Battery Lifecycle Management

Lifetime prognostics enabling on-line estimation of service interval requirements and reduced battery degradation and operating costs

Electroflight Battery Module

Safety & Reliability

Our understanding of internal operation enabling advanced safety features & improved charging rates.

Rolls-Royce ACCEL Electric Flight

Heart Aerospace


We have partnered with Swedish aerospace company Heart Aerospace and regulatory and compliance company Bains Simonds to develop the new battery system for a new all-electric regional airliner, the ES-19, capable of carrying 19 passengers up to 400 kilometres and due to enter service from 2026.

Funded by the UK and Swedish government EUREKA fund, we are developing a high-integrity battery system including a high energy density battery pack, battery management system and charging system.


Discover More

Rolls Royce ACCEL

Electroflight partnered with Rolls-Royce and YASA  in the ATI-funded ACCEL project to design, build and fly the world’s fastest electric aircraft, ‘Spirit of Innovation

In 2022, Spirit of Innovation broke two world electric airspeed records, reaching an average of 555.9 km/h (345.4 mph) over 3 km, and 532.1km/h (330 mph) over 15 km, beating the previous record of 213mph

“This achievement of Rolls-Royce, Electroflight and YASA will resonate for many years to come and inspire the next generation of aerospace engineers.”

Gary Elliot, CEO of the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI)