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Quality Policy

The Electroflight Quality Policy 

Electroflight is dedicated to supplying services and products that completely and consistently meet the needs of the organisations interested Parties and achieve customer satisfaction. 

Continual improvement is at the core of the organisations culture and all personnel are committed to improvement of the Business. 

Electroflight operates a Business Management System that drives to continual improvement and includes the setting, monitoring, and reviewing of Quality Objectives to achieve Electroflight’s strategic direction. 

Company personnel are provided with appropriate resources and training to assure their understanding of the company Business Management System, enabling them to carry out their role competently and effectively within the company. 

They are given access to Quality Management System documentation and are made aware of relevant procedures, work instructions and kept informed of changes to documentation as appropriate to their role. 

The organisation is motivated to understand and achieve the Quality Objectives and understand the consequences of any non-conformity to Quality or Safety requirements. 

The necessary infrastructure and work environment is provided and maintained to ensure conformity of product, in accordance with all applicable regulatory and statuary requirements. 

The Quality Policy and Quality Management System is established by the Electroflight Team and is subject to regular audit, Management Review, and measurement to assure continuing compliance, efficiency, and effectiveness of the Quality Management System. 

The policy is communicated throughout our organisation and is available to all interested parties.


Stjohn Youngman 

Managing Director